Captora Campaign Editor

Captora’s campaign editor is a portion of the application that allows users to create and modify existing landing pages. This project’s goal was to improve the usability of the editor as well as unify the visuals with the ongoing redesign.

  • Category

    UX & Web

  • Responsibility

    Visuals and Interactions

  • Date

    February 2017


We started by auditing the current interactions in the campaign editor alongside feedback from in-person user studies. These findings helped us prioritize certain aspects of the redesign over others.

Confusion Updating

One of the main difficulties users had was their awareness of whether or not the changes to the campaign were up to date without checking the live page itself.

Unclear Input Fields

Secondly, we found that the landing page background often overpowered the input boxes. New users were sometimes overlooked these boxes and were unaware of the options in the toolbars that appear on hover.

Inconsistent Cards

The existing card design lacked hierarchy while technical problems often broke image previews. Our team sought to bring better structure and empty states to fall back on to provide a better experience for users.

Opening the Carousel

During usability tests, we found that users had a difficult time locating how to open the CTA carousel. We also recognized that the CTA carousel was hidden while the template carousel interacted the same way, but had an explicit button.

Card Design

Redesigning our cards started with sketching and wireframes as we built up fidelity. One of the most important goals was to give users more information about the performance of the CTAs in order to empower them to make more informed decisions when selecting a CTA.

Campaign Editor Improvements

The redesigned campaign editor places greater attention on input fields and the options in the toolbars. This new design also allows users to access both the Template and CTA carousels from the top bar. Lastly, our team standardized the placement of the preview and close buttons in a fixed bottom bar.

Publishing and Validation

Initially, the Update Campaign button was always visible which confused users about whether or not there were outstanding changes. To address the difficulties, we modified the language of the button to read ‘Publish Changes’ and altered the functionality of the button to animate into view only when unsaved changes needed to be published. Finally, to help users feel less nervous about their changes being saved, we incorporated success and error notifications to help users understand that their action was validated.


Overall, these changes are an improvement to the experience within the editor by speeding up the decision making process and making the workflow more efficient. By the time these changes were implemented I had moved on from Captora and did not have access to any performance metrics.

Credits: Bryan Sattler, Olia Birulia, Brenden Palmer, & Aditya Majumdar