Foundation Docs

Foundation, a front-end framework built by the creative agency ZURB, hired me as an intern to improve the Documentation site in order to increase conversions in downloads by improving the onboarding process through updated visuals, more clear language, and standardized design patterns.

  • Category

    Web & Interaction

  • Responsibility

    Interactions & Code

  • Date

    August 2014

Helping onboard users

When users first landed on the Foundation Documentation page, our website had a low rate of converting users to download the framework. Our objective was to improve the content and language on the main documentation page to provide clearer installment instructions on the SCSS and CSS download pages.

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Creating Foundation Demos

One of the first components we added to the documentation page was to direct users to the correct download page. Secondly, we embedded CodePen demos to the website to allow users to view live demos of the framework’s components and to increase our presence in the CodePen community.

This page is better when you're connected to WiFi! You can see the embedded CodePen here.

Simplifying Information

In long pages of text and documentation, we found that users had a difficult time consuming the information. We sought to stylize unordered lists to allow users to quickly understand the information presented to them. I also created small illustrations to enhance Foundation's visual design across its site.

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On the SCSS page, Foundation offers three methods users can download this version of the product. We added a fixed navigation to the page to help users understand where one section of the download ends and the next begins.


Overall, by improving the Foundation documentation, we were able to simplify many components of the site while also adding vital information to ease the process of onboarding for users. After the launch of the new Foundation docs the team saw a significant decrease in Foundation support tickets and an increased conversion rate of downloads.

Credits: Rafi Benkual, Ibie Maria, Ryan Riddle & ZURB Foundation Team.