Rough Cut

The designers of San José State University’s BFA graphic design class held an exhibition open to the public in December 2015. We chose a theme to represent and unify the thirty designers and called ourselves Rough Cut.

  • Category

    Senior Show

  • Responsibility

    Creative Direction and Web

  • Date

    Fall 2015

Our Story

The Rough Cut exhibition is a representation of how we developed and grew through two and half years in this intensive program. Coming into the program our skill sets were rough; through persistence and hard work, we have emerged as stronger designers with a much stronger approach to design. We now embark on transitioning from our studies at the university to the real world.

Visual Style

Our show’s branding represents the idea that as young designers we are like diamonds still emerging from the earth. The letter ‘R’ serves as the main identifier of our exhibition which has a distinct 45° angle slice running through it. For each medium and application different patterns and textures are added to the letter to represent the uniqueness of each designer’s own hand.

Promotional Website

We created a responsive website to promote our show and create a single place where our family members, friends, and prospective employers could visit for information about the show.

View the website ➭

Our Show

The Rough Cut exhibition layout features an area allocated for designer portfolios and a secluded space for thesis presentations. Each individual display is unique to each designer allowing for each student to have their own voice and expression.


Our class hosted this exhibition in the Student Union Ballroom. Along with the exhibition, we held a professional night and hosted our own commencement ceremony.

Credits: Professor Sexton & SJSU Class of 2015 designers.