Rough Cut Exhibition

The designers of San José State University’s BFA graphic design class held an exhibition open to the public in 2015. To promote our show, we created a brand and an accompanying website to represent and promote the thirty designers in the program.

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  • Responsibility

    Web and Creative Direction

  • Date

    December 2015

Telling Our Story

The primary goals of the Rough Cut website were to promote the show and its designers while also providing basic details about the event to those planning on attending. The responsive website was designed and developed by a small team of students within the show.

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The Designers

Our class wanted to give the individual designers the ability to bring their own voice and personality to the brand. We incorporated expressive imagery into the designer profiles and let each designer pick out works they want to showcase from their portfolios.

Creative Direction

I lead the creative direction of the Rough Cut exhibition as class president. Working closely with the designers on the brand team, we created a logo and other marketing assets for the show.


Overall, our website helped highlight the designers of the SJSU graduating class while providing information to friends, family, and professionals interested in attending the show. The website also helped drive traffic to our other social media channels like our Instagram and blog. Leading this team of thirty designers allowed me to explore new design challenges and help motivate others through the process.

Credits: Professor Sexton & SJSU Class of 2015 designers.